With the Hardly Boys on the case, those "troofers" will be outed in no time.

9/11 South Park: Who dropped a deuce in the urinal?

9/11 conspiracy nuts causing you massive migraines? Tired of reading their retarded Web sites and watching their home made DVDs? Ready to hurl whenever some walleyed closet case tries to convince you the WTC collapse was a controlled demo? Then you've gotta watch Episode 1009 of South Park, "The Mystery of the Urinal Deuce," starring George W. Bush, the "Hardly Boys," Mr. Mackey, and a big ol' fudge dragon in the boys' room urinal. The official South Park site has free clips, though you can still find the entire episode on YouTube despite Viacom vacuuming that site free of 100,000 of their vids.

Spoiler alert: The conclusion is genius. Thanks to the Hardly Boys, it's revealed that all of the 9/11 Web sites are run by the government. "The 9/11 conspiracy is...a government conspiracy," declares the Hardly Boys' dad. Bush & Co. wanna make the retarded one-fourth of the population that believes this crapola think the government is all-powerful and all-knowing. As to who dropped the duke in the urinal, you'll have to watch the episode to find out.

Lookout -- it might be a clue!

BTW, while I was poking around YouTube, I discovered that there are a lot of these videos purporting to be porno, like "Japanese AV STAR gets double penetration, explicit!" or "LONLEYGIRL15 bree TALKS: LESBIAN SEX, FUCKING AND MORE." But when you click on 'em, you get some screwy 9/11-denier propaganda. Funny that the "troofers" are getting so desperate they have to trick people into watching their lame-ass video clips. Why did I click on 'em? Um, just, er, you know, curious...

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