9/11 "Troofers" Return! "4409" Burns a Library Book, Guess Which One?

Jason Shelton lights one up. Too bad it ain't a doobie

They're baaaaaack. Yep, like a rash of bed bugs you thought the exterminator had smoked out, the "troofers," those nutty guys and gals who believe 9/11 was an "inside job" by the Bush administration will be active once again come this ninth anniversary of the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks.

Actually, these days, I have a bit of a soft spot for this tinfoil-wearin' tribe. Not that I give any credibility to their conspiratorial bunk. But I look upon them kinda the way I look upon radio wildman Alex Jones, End Times preachers on the TeeVee, David Icke's "lizard people rule the world" theory, folks who believe in UFOs and Bigfoot, and those who think NASA faked the moon landing.

(See, Arthur C. Clarke wrote the script for NASA, and Stanley Kubrick directed. Or so I hear through the fillings in my teeth.)

Today, a local troofer group was supposed to be having some sort of press conference outside Congressman Ed Pastor's office. Why Pastor's office? Hey, why not? I'm sure he was in on the big conspiracy too. After all, he works for the guv'ment. Sadly, I could not attend due to prior commitments. If anyone knows what the troofers are up to Saturday, please give me shout in the comments. Maybe I can make it.

I did spy this rebel video from that champion of freedom and insanity, wacktivist "4409," aka, Jason Shelton. In it, Shelton checks out The 9/11 Commission Report from the local bibliotheque, and takes a cigarette lighter to the tome, encouraging like-minded people to copycat his act, videotape it and upload it to his site.

Now, while I may disagree with Shelton and others in his circle on the 9/11 tip, we do have common ground on SB 1070, state Senator Russell Pearce, and the absolute nefariousness of photo radar. Moreover, Shelton makes some damn intriguing videos. I mean, burnin' library books? That puts that crazy preacher in Florida to shame. It's a whole new level of kung fu woo.

Anyhoo, if Shelton's idea goes viral, he should pick on a really evil book next. Like maybe one from that dang Twilight series. Or some of the Harry Potter stuff. Sheesh, if anything deserves burnin'...

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.