A Cat Made Freyondo Bizardie So "Depressed" That He Tried to Choke it To Death and Throw it in a Dumpster

A cat had 22-year-old Freyando Bizardie so "depressed" Sunday afternoon that he tried to choke it to death. He also tried to stab it with a pen before he bit two of his sisters.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, police were dispatched to Bizardie's Phoenix home Sunday afternoon for a domestic disturbance. When they got to the house, officers found an agitated Bizardie.

Bizardie told the responding officers that he was "depressed and angry with the cat" because it got hair all over his clothes. So, he tried to choke it to death -- but that was only before he tried to stab it with a pen and he bit his sisters who were trying to keep him from killing the cat.

As Bizardie was choking the cat, one of his sisters grabbed his arm, forcing him to drop it.

The cat then ran under a couch, but Bizardie was apparently on a mission to kill the feline that had put him in such a foul mood.

Bizardie grabbed a pen and chased after the cat. He even moved the couch so he could reach the scared animal.

Meanwhile, Bizardie's two sisters were fighting with him to prevent him from killing the cat. During the fight, Bizardie stabbed one of his sisters behind the ear with the pen, causing minor injuries. He then bit each of his sisters -- one on the arm, the other on the shoulder.

Bizardie was arrested and brought to the Central City Precinct where he told officers his plan was to kill the cat and throw it in a dumpster. He also told police he was still mad about the cat and his sisters shouldn't have tried to stop him from killing it.

Bizardie was booked into a Maricopa County jail on one count each of animal cruelty, aggravated assault with a weapon, and assault.

Bizardie's next court date is scheduled for October 31.

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