The alluring Abbie: Forget it, guys. You've got no chance.

A day late, but worth the wait: Hump Day Honey #5, Miss Abbie Ratay

Ok, this is it, I'm officially in love now. Love or heavy longing for the amazing Abbie Ratay, a Phoenix model known for revving the engines of car-show attendees at Hot Import Nights and the NOPI car show, which she'll be appearing at later this month on March 17 & 18. You may have also seen Abbie, 23, go-go dancing at Myst or Axis/Radius in Scottsdale, or startending at Scottsdale's ACME. No doubt she gets major tips with those amazing eyes and that stacked 34C-24-32 bod of hers. Her ethnicity? Korean. But she's from St. Louis and has been living in the Valley for four and 1/2 years.

What does it take to step to a dime as off-the-chain as this one? Nothing. That is, don't even try it fellas, 'cause Abbie ain't havin' it in da club.

"I don't like to be approached," she admits. "Guys get so retarded. I hate it when the first thing they do is ask for my number before they even know who I am. Usually, I approach the guy. If you approach me, I'll probably find something wrong with you."

So, basically, you've got no chance, doods, even though this hella-fine femme is currently single. (Sigh.) But at least you can dream, gents. And Abbie's MySpace page should help your dreamin' begin.

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