A Lot of People Don't Like Living in Arizona, Poll Says

There are a lot of people in Arizona who'd rather live somewhere else.

According to polling done by Gallup, 38 percent of the Arizonans they polled said they'd like to move to another state. Only 11 other states had higher percentages of people who wanted to leave.

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Meanwhile, in Montana, only 23 percent of the residents said they'd like to move.

Gallup also got down to the brass tacks, asking people if they will be moving, not only if they'd like to move.

Arizona had the nation's highest total of people saying they're "extremely" or "very likely" to move out of the state within the next 12 months, at 9 percent.

If you add in the people who said it's "somewhat likely" that they're moving to another state at some point in the next year, then Arizona had the nation's second-highest total, at 19 percent -- just behind Nevada, at 20 percent.

Gallup points out that the results are higher than the actual percentages of people who move to another state in a given year, but notes that the numbers "provide a basis for evaluating each state's risk of losing population that is somewhat stronger than the sheer desire of its residents to move."

The pollsters also asked people why they plan on moving, and in Arizona, 32 percent said it's work-related, 20 percent offered a reasoning related to family or friends, 11 percent mentioned the weather or location, 9 percent said it's school-related, 4 percent said it had to do with the quality of life, and 4 percent said it was related to the cost of living.

If it's any consolation for Arizona, among the 11 states with the higest percentages of people wanting to move to another state, Arizona had the lowest percentage of people seeking a change in the quality of life.

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