As DJ Squalor would say, "Don't not be there..."

A whiff of Weimar-era Berlin...

I've never made a secret of my slavish admiration for the crew that produces the insane industrial-noise soiree known as Sadisco. I assure you, my devotion is much deserved. For three years pervy pied pipers Toby Heidebrink and Donnie Burbank have led their demented danse macabre of P-town degenerates through a series of themes involving serial killers, John Waters, absinthe, WWIII, so on. For this Saturday's freakish festivus, it's "Three Years with the Plague of Sadisco," drawing on the horror of the Black Death for Sadisco's three-year anniversary bubonic B-day bash.

By no means am I an industrial-noise aficionado, but if that's your bag, then you don't need me to tell you that Sadisco pulls in sick, edgy international acts in this genre. This Saturday at Mardi Gras Bar and Gill at 8040 east McDowell Road in Scottsdale, German power-noise band Noisex will rip it up. Local performance troupe Grindwhore will roam the halls in metal outfits so made that when they grind on each other or themselves, sparks fly. Sets from DJs Squalor, Dr. Festering Boil, 5arah, ///she///, and Blond Noise will be on tap as well.

Every other club night in P-town pales in comparison to Sadisco. If Kurt Weil and Bertolt Brecht were trapped in early-21st Century PHX, this is where they'd hang. It's more like something you'd imagine experiencing in some small club in Weimar Berlin.

Almost forgot, Sadisco's got a new thing going on called Vex*a*tion, every Friday at Mardi Gras. Basically, this is Sadisco's way of offering an alterative to the more gothy Tranzylvania, which takes up the same time slot, though Downtown on Central, and has pissed a good number of people off over the last year or so.

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