ABC 15 Writes Matt Leinart's Arizona-Cardinals-Related Obituary; We Agree

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart was scratched as the starter in last weekend's pre-season game, leading many to wonder whether he'll be holding the clipboard for most of the season as Derek Anderson, the guy brought in to back up Leinart, takes the majority of the snaps.

Leinart, obviously, is not happy about being bumped for Anderson, telling the Arizona Republic. "I feel like I've outplayed the competition, training camp, preseason. I think my play speaks about that. For me, this goes beyond the football field."

ABC 15 sports columnist Craig Fouhy penned an article today saying what a lot of people are thinking: Leinart's days in Arizona will soon come to an end. And we agree.

Fouhy cites the coaching staff's lack of confidence in Leinart, coupled with the amount of time they've had to assess the one-time-promising quarterback.

Here's some of what Fouhy has to say:

Matt Leinart's days are numbered with the Arizona Cardinals. Why? Because the coaching staff has lost confidence in his ability to lead this team.

Sure, Leinart has decent numbers this pre-season, but there's more to leading a team than statistics.

Leinart doesn't seem to have what it takes to lead, and it appears his teammates have lost confidence in him. At least that's what we're hearing from multiple sources.

Fact is, the coaches have had more than enough time to evaluate Matt Leinart. When you consider the fact that this is his fifth season, fourth under coach Whisenhunt, it's easy to see just how much practice time he's had and opportunities he's had to impress the coaches... but he hasn't!

Leinart isn't a horrible quarterback, and from all non-beer-bong-and-hot-tub-related accounts, he's a good guy.

Leinart was named the Arizona Cardinals/Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year earlier this year, an award designated for the player on each NFL team who exemplifies "off-the-field community service as well his playing excellence."

While we would argue that there is nothing "excellent" about the way Matt Leinart played last year, or two years ago, or any year since he was drafted, his off-the-field record is more than admirable.

In 2006, Leinart started the Matt Leinart Foundation, which helps underprivileged kids in the Phoenix area through sports, activities, and all the familiar "don't-join-a-gang" methodologies.

Through the foundation, Leinart has pledged $500,000 to the Cardon Children's Hospital in Phoenix, where the children's cancer unit is named after him.

Do-goodership doesn't win games, though, and the relationship between Leinart and the coaching staff seems to have soured. We gotta agree with Fouhy: Matt Leinart's time with the Cardinals will soon come to an end.

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