After Christmas Day Terror Attack, John McCain Says Janet Napolitano Can Stay -- For Now

Janet Napolitano should get a stay of execution as chief of Homeland Security, despite countless calls for her head after the failed Christmas Day underwear-bomber fiasco, Senator John McCain says.

McCain, speaking from Afghanistan, says he doesn't agree that Napolitano should be immediately canned for the failure, or for her bone-headed comments in days following the attack.

"I think we should first spend our time on finding out exactly what happened, who is responsible, then hold them responsible as the president said," McCain tells 92.3 (KTAR). "I would reserve that judgment until we have all the facts."

McCain says there will be Senate hearings into what caused the breach but that what is already know is disturbing.

"Why is it that someone who paid cash for a one-way ticket [and had] no luggage, and the other warnings that had taken place... why that happened? I think the American people deserve to know," McCain says.

The calls for Napolitano's termination reached fever pitch over the past week, with the most amusing critique of her performance coming from the Web site FireNapolitano.com.

The site depicts Nappy as some sort of communist Napoleon, and claims -- among other things -- that Janet considers Mother Teresa a terrorist. We agree that Nappy is far from perfect, but some of the claims on this Web site are outlandish (though worthy of a quick laugh. You can check it out here.

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