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After Sandy Hook Shooting, Is It Time for More Gun Laws?

Just about everyone in the country knows that 26 people -- incuding 20 children -- were shot and killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut last week, before shooter Adam Lanza killed himself.

The question is: now what?

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As you can imagine, after the nth mass shooting in recent memory, some folks are calling for more regulation on firearms.

Our colleague Stephen Lemons pointed out a few of these developments yesterday, including an editorial written by Democratic Congressman Ron Barber.

"There are many other factors that can produce a violent tragedy," Barber wrote in the Arizona Republic. "But we do know that the availability of certain weapons coupled with mental illness is a recipe for disaster."

If you read through the whole thing, he's very cautious in going after the guns, but is adamant about mental-health-related legislation.

Mark Kelly, the wife of former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who has slammed Governor Jan Brewer for her comments on guns around the time of the Tucson shooting, was more direct in his comments after the most recent shooting.

"As we mourn, we must sound a call for our leaders to stand up and do what is right," Kelly wrote on Facebook. "This time our response must consist of more than regret, sorrow, and condolence. The children of Sandy Hook Elementary School and all victims of gun violence deserve leaders who have the courage to participate in a meaningful discussion about our gun laws - and how they can be reformed and better enforced to prevent gun violence and death in America. This can no longer wait."

Without any specifics, do you think it's time for some kind of additional gun-control laws in the country?

Cast your vote below:

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