Ahwatukee Residents Claim Javelinas are "Terrorizing" Neighborhoods

Ahwatukee Residents Claim Javelinas are "Terrorizing" Neighborhoods

Several Ahwatukee residents have a bone to pick with some discourteous piggies they say are running amok in their neighborhoods.

According to residents, javelinas have become a major problem -- knocking over trash cans and destroying gardens.

"They terrorize the neighborhoods," resident Fred Freedle tells 92.3 (KTAR). "They come out in the middle of the night. They're like a bunch of teenage hoodlums running up and down the neighborhood, knocking over garbage cans. They get into my flower patch in the front and just tear it up. It's like a pig pen after they're done."

Someone ought to remind Freedle that the pigs may have had a similar reaction when his house was being built in their natural habitat.  

The wild hogs have a hankering for petunias, according to other residents, but they're pigs -- they'll eat just about anything.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department says garbage and flowers may not be the only items on the pigs diets and warn they are aggressive and will attack if they feel threatened. In other words, don't go near 'em -- they're nasty little buggers.

AGFD officials are telling residents that spraying an ammonia-water mixture around their yards will help keep the javelinas away and encourage people to make access to their garbage cans difficult -- for a pig, not a human.


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