Albert Arias Allegedly Stabbed His Dad to Death, Went to Police Station to Inform Everyone

El Mirage police were informed yesterday that Albert Arias stabbed his father, possibly to death, after Arias allegedly came into the police station and told them about it.

Pete Arias, 76, was pronounced dead at a hospital, and his son is in jail for his murder.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Albert Arias went into the El Mirage police station a little before 2 p.m. yesterday, which is about a quarter-mile away from Arias' home.

Arias informed the staff at the office that he'd just stabbed his father, and his father needed help.

A police officer came to the lobby to talk to Arias -- who still had blood on his arms -- and told the officer numerous times that he stabbed his father, and he needed help, according to the court documents.

Police say Arias told the officer in the lobby that he was tired of being abused by his father, but was afraid he might have killed him.

After being taken to an interview room, Arias said he "lost it" and stabbed his father with a knife, and said "multiple times that he was tired of being abused by his father his whole life," according to the court documents.

Arias said he didn't want to talk anymore until he spoke with a lawyer, after stating yet again that he'd stabbed his father, adding that the blade actually broke off inside of him, according to the documents.

Even after saying he wanted to speak with a lawyer, police say Arias continued to make "spontaneous statements" about how he'd stabbed his dad, and possibly killed him.

A witness -- who isn't identified in the court documents -- said Arias and his father got into an argument in the kitchen of the home, and while the witness didn't actually see the stabbing, he or she did find the elder Arias on the floor bleeding.

Police say there was blood surrounding the back of Pete Arias' head, he had approximately six stab wounds on his body, and the knife blade had indeed broken off of the handle.

According to the court documents, Albert Arias had been living with his parents for the last 15 years.

He was booked into jail on a second-degree murder charge.

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