Ali Chitsaz's Accused of Peeing on 6-Year-Old -- and Much, Much More

A Scottsdale man is accused of peeing on his girlfriend's son -- but that was only after he forced the boy to perform oral sex on him on multiple occasions. 

According to court records obtained by New Times, 32-year-old Ali Chitsaz, an employee at Chiropractic Leadership, is being held without bail for allegedly molesting the boy on at least four occasions.

Chitsaz met the boy's mother on, a dating website, about four months ago. She introduced her son to Chitsaz in July, and the three started spending a lot of time together, including sleepovers at Chitsaz's house at 20750 87th Street in Scottsdale.

About three weeks ago, the boy told his mother that "Ali sucks my wiener."

When she pressed him about the allegations, the boy recanted and said he was just kidding.

On Saturday -- several weeks after the boy initially told his mother Chitsaz had abused him -- the boy and his mother were staying at Chitsaz's house when his mother went for a run, leaving the victim alone with Chitsaz.

Before she left, Chitsaz told her to leave her key in a drawer, which she found odd but did it anyway.

When she returned about 45 minutes later, she had to ring the doorbell and wait about five minutes to get in because Chitsaz had locked the house. When he finally answered the door, Chitsaz hair was wet, as though he'd just come out of the shower, and he was wearing nothing but shorts. The boy's hair also was wet and he'd changed into his soccer uniform.

On Sunday, the boy's now-suspicious mother told the victim she was bothered by what he'd said about Chitsaz a few weeks earlier and again wanted to know if it was true. Initially, the boy said he couldn't talk about it because he'd get in trouble because Chitsaz is "his boss." After refusing to talk about it out of fear of his "boss," the boy broke down and told his mother that what she suspected was true.

The boy told his mother that when she's not home, Chitsaz takes him into his bedroom, takes off his pants, and performs oral sex on him. The two would then take a shower, during which, the boy says, Chitsaz urinates on him. She called police yesterday morning.

After his mother called police, the boy was forensically interviewed by detectives. He was still very reluctant to discuss what had been going on with his mother's boyfriend but eventually opened up about the abuse.

The boy told police the same story he'd told his mother about the oral sex and the showers. However, the boy also told police that Chitsaz had forced him to perform oral sex on him, as well. He told the detective "it tastes like poop and throw-up because [Chitsaz] never keeps it clean."

The boy also told police Chitsaz showed him kiddy porn and sometimes would print out the images and staple them to his shoes or his head. He would then use tweezers to remove the staple and put Neosporin on the wound.

In all, Chitsaz's been charged with four counts of child molestation and one count of furnishing obscene materials to minors. His next court date is scheduled for October 25.

Police suspect there could be additional victims.

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