Feathered Bastard

All Kinds of Wacky Sheriff Joe Arpaio Campaign Poll Shenanigans

Since I reported yesterday on the fact that Sheriff Joe was losing his own fake poll on his own Web site, all kinds of shenanigans have been goin' down at the loony lawdog's campaign site sheriffjoe.org. First they take the poll down, then they put it back up. And now it looks like the sheriff's computer dorks are messing with the numbers in an attempt to rig the outcome. Sometimes, the numbers don't even add up. Check this screenshot out:

Someone better check their math.

Then look at the screenshots below, which I just took moments ago. They're so screwed up over at the Sheriff's IT dept., they're posting people's IP addresses now. Some have suggested this is an intimidation tactic. I think they're just fucking up.

They must be smokin' the good ganja in the MCSO IT department.

Eleven votes total? Are they nuts?

I have printouts showing the "Absolutely Not" count at 1900 votes, and 65.3 percent. Then a moment later, the sheriff's poll results jump by a thousand or more. Wacky. But the last screenshot above is the most recent.

I think it's hilarious the MCSO is so petrified of losing their own fake online poll that they're scrambling around changing things every five minutes. Don't they have any candlemakers or corn vendors to chase?

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