All Votes Tallied in Phx Council Election; District 4, 8 Candidates to Face-Off on Nov 5

The remaining ballots cast in the Phoenix council election have been tallied, and it's unofficially official -- District 4 candidates Justin Johnson and Laura Pastor, and District 8 candidates Kate Gallego and Warren Stewart will face-off in a November 5 election.

(The vote counts don't become official until the City Council approves them, and that's scheduled for September 4.)

None of those candidates, who were running in crowded races, received enough votes to win the election outright -- although Gallego came close with slightly more than 47 percent of the vote.

Incumbents Sal DiCiccio and Jim Waring, on the other hand, were only facing one opponent and won their races to remain on the City Council.

According to election officials, 23.43 percent of Phoenix's registered voters cast a ballot in the election. They tallied 78,547 ballots in the council races, with nearly all of them -- 74,343 --- cast early.

These are the latest counts, released this afternoon by the city:

Council District 2 Jim Waring - 14,690 (76 percent) Virgel Cain - 4,640 (24 percent)

Council District 4 Justin Johnson - 4,196 (33.71 percent) Laura Pastor - 4,030 (32.38 percent) David Lujan - 2,551 (20.50 percent) Dan Carroll - 693 (5.57 percent) Austin Head - 411 (3.30 percent) Scott Fistler - 316 (2.54 percent) Jeffrey Brown - 249 (2 percent)

Council District 6 Sal DiCiccio - 17,892 (54.20 percent) Karlene Keogh Parks - 15,120 (45.80 percent)

Council District 8 Kate Gallego - 6,207 (47.07 percent) Warren Stewart - 2,882 (21.85 percent) Lawrence A. Robinson - 2,140 (16.23 percent) Luis F. Rodriguez - 1,573 (11.93 percent) Carolyn T. Lowery - 385 (2.92 percent)

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