Timothy M. Oline

Alleged Drunk-Driving Demolition Derby Through Mesa Neighborhood Leads to 45-Minute Standoff with SWAT Team

​Driving drunk is dangerous in general. But when it's part of a demolition derby through a Mesa neighborhood followed by a standoff with a SWAT officers, you begin to understand what Timothy Oline's Wednesday night was like.


Mesa police got a call that a driver was repeatedly smashing his Ford F-250 pickup into other vehicles about 8 p.m. near 24th Street and Pueblo Avenue in Mesa.

Patrol officers managed to find the truck, driving sans headlights and running a stop sign -- a different stop sign from the one he'd just run over.

Police pulled over the truck, driven by the 47-year-old Oline, but the driver didn't really want to hear it from the cops.

Oline began reaching around the cab of the truck, under and behind the seats, so police say the officers backed off from the vehicle and ordered him to step out.

Apparently still not interested in listening, Oline stayed in the truck as officers locked down a nearby church and evacuated a house.

That's when the SWAT team took over, and a negotiator began trying to get Oline out of the pickup.

After a 45-minute standoff, police say Oline came stumbling out of the truck toward the SWAT cops.

Again not listening and ignoring order to stop walking toward officers, a SWAT guy tased and handcuffed Oline.

"From what I understand, this guy was really, really drunk," Mesa police Detective Steve Berry tells New Times.

Oline was taken to the police station, where they say he showed "several signs" of impairment, and was slapped with a pair of DUI charges.

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