Alleged Teen-Touching Teacher to Cops: "My Career is Over." Ya Think?

A Valley high school teacher was arrested yesterday for an alleged pattern of teen touching dating back to 2008.

Otis Magee, 54, a teacher at Precision High School in Phoenix, got a little grabby with one of his students last December. According to court documents obtained by New Times, he had similar incidents with at least two other students in a classroom in 2008.

Phoenix police say Magee was arrested yesterday at Pinnacle High School, where he was substitute teaching, for allegedly touching a 15-year-old family friend -- and student -- as he drove the girl and a friend home from a fast food restaurant last December.

According to court docs, as Magee drove the girl home, he reached over and tried to touch her vagina over the clothes.

The girl later told police that Magee tried to touch her vagina five or six times during the ride. Each time, she told police, she slapped his hand away -- all as another girl watched from the back seat.

When the girl got out of the car, Magee allegedly grabbed her by the shorts and pulled her back into the car. He told her he wanted a kiss, but she declined. He held her for about 50 seconds, the victim told the cops.

This isn't the first time Magee's been eyed in some alleged teen touching.

In 2008, two of Magee's female students reported that he'd made inappropriate comments and touched them several times.

In one incident, after Magee got done stroking her hair and back, one of the victims says she tried to hide a cell phone between her legs. Magee allegedly tried to go and get it, touching her vaginal-area over the clothes.

In another incident, Magee told the girl to draw a circle on the floor with a dry-erase marker. As she bent over to draw the circle, he took a picture of her caboose.

The other victim told police that as Magee was stroking her arm, he told her "any guy would love to have her as their woman."

Too bad for Magee, the victim wasn't yet a "woman" -- she also happened to be one of his students -- so his advances were a little perv-y.

The comments and the touching got so bad that one of the victims convinced one of her male classmates to pretend to be her husband -- claiming the two had a child together -- to get Magee to stop.

The 2008 incidents were reported, but Magee was never charged with a crime.

Magee's been booked on one count of kidnapping, and one count of sexual abuse. He's being held on $18,000 bail.

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