Alysa Gibson Becomes Third Family Member Arrested in Murder of Peoria Man Steve Gibson

A 17-year-old Peoria girl has joined her mother and brother as a murder defendant.

Alysa Gibson is now the third family member arrested in the murder of her father, Steve Gibson, who was killed at his Peoria home about six weeks ago.

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Police said at the time that Michelle Gibson, Steve's wife, called 911 early on March 1 saying she found her husband dead in the garage. According to police, while investigators were at the house, 16-year-old Erik McBee walked up to the murder scene with a 14-year-old girl and told police he did it.

The cops discovered that McBee allegedly had been enlisted by Steve Gibson's wife and son, Steve Gibson Jr., to help kill Steve Sr.

McBee was charged with first-degree murder and the 14-year-old was questioned and released. A few weeks later, police released the details of a bizarre murder plot.

Police discovered that Michelle and Steven Jr. told McBee and another 16-year-old boy that Steve Gibson was a danger to them and that they should help protect their friend -- by killing him, for which he would collect $1,000.

According to police, Michelle Gibson and her son went out, while McBee went to Steve Gibson's bedroom and hit him multiple times with a baseball bat. He left the scene, then came back to find Gibson still alive, so he hit him several more times with the bat and cut his throat with a knife, police say.

Steve Jr. was then dropped off at the house by his mother, and he allegedly stabbed his father a few times, too, police say.

Gibson's body was then placed in the garage, as they planned to transport his body to a park, where it apparently would look as though he got killed for drugs, police say.

McBee got spooked, though, and ran off, so the Gibsons ended up staging the body in the garage, before Michelle Gibson called police saying she'd just found her husband's body.

Police said two weeks ago that there were three other people who were either involved or knew about the plot, but they hadn't been arrested, but that number's apparently down to two with the arrest of Alysa Gibson.

The only other people mentioned in court documents were the 14-year-old girl who accompanied McBee back to the house, and the 16-year-old boy who had to go back home.

According to court documents previously obtained by New Times, Alysa was out with her mother and brother while McBee allegedly killed Steve Gibson Sr.

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