Amar'e Stoudemire Says Staying With Suns is "Plan A" -- As Long as "Plan A" Includes Six Years and About $125 Million

Phoenix Suns big-man Amar'e Stoudemire continues to chirp about his future in the Valley and now says that remaining in Sand Land is his first choice, despite saying on Tuesday there was "no chance" that he'd pick up his $17.7 million contract option to stay with the team.

The problem for Amar'e, however, is that he's lookin' for a big-time deal and to get that, you often have to be a big-time player -- something he hasn't been for the Suns, at least not big enough to get the kind of cash he thinks he deserves.

Stoudemire reportedly is looking to get a six-year contract worth about $125 million, and despite his "no chance" comments on Tuesday, he now seems determined to work out a deal with Phoenix -- as long as the deal is worth a shit-load of cash.

"This is Plan A," Stoudemire told reporters at his youth basketball academy Thursday. "It would be great to remain a Phoenix Sun for my whole career; that's the ultimate goal."

Interesting -- it seems more like the "ultimate goal" is rakin' in $125 million wherever he can get it, otherwise we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Stoudemire went on to say if he does receive an offer from another team, he would give the Suns a chance to match it to remain in Phoenix -- something the Suns aren't likely to do if the offer is worth too much more than his $17.7 million option.

"Once free agency starts and teams are offering me X-amount of dollars, I would definitely say 'Yeah, you know what Phoenix, these guys are offering this much so if you guys want to step up to the plate, you can hit a home run. If not, then I can settle for an inside-the-park home run'," Stoudemire says.

A $125 million "home run?" Fat chance. At this point, the Suns would probably settle for a bunt if it led to an NBA Championship.

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