Ame Deal, 10-Year-Old Murdered by Own "Family," Was Adorable. Hopeful Father Shares New Photos With New Times

Kenny Griest, the man who hopes he's the biological father of Ame Deal, the 10-year-old girl murdered by members of her own "family" last month, has provided New Times with some new photos of the young girl. As you can see, she was pretty friggin' cute.

Read more on Ame — and the monsters who admittedly murdered her — here.

On Ame's birth certificate, David Deal — the son of one the woman accused of torturing the poor girl, brother of another, and uncle of a woman accused of Ame's murder — is listed as the father.

Deal — who lives in a tent in the backyard of the home where Ame was murdered with his two other children — denies he's Ame's father, which apparently caused his family to resent her.

"They singled Ame out because she wasn't a blood relative," Griest says. "But even so, why would anyone treat a little girl like that?"

Griest is in the process of trying to prove through DNA that he's the little girl's father. He's having a little trouble, though. More on that here.

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