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Ame Deal's Father Trying to Bail Monsters Who Murdered His Daughter Out of Jail

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The father of a 10-year-old Phoenix girl who was tortured and murdered by members of her own family earlier this month is trying to raise money to bail his daughter's killers out of jail, a source who knows the family tells New Times.

The source asked not to be identified out of fear of what Ame's father, David Deal, might do if the source's identity is revealed. Our source says Deal's a "violent man."

According to our source, David Deal has called friends and family members asking for money so he can bail his mother and sister, both charged with kidnapping and child abuse for repeatedly torturing the young girl, and his niece and her husband, who admitted to killing Ame, out of jail.

Ame's cousin and her husband, Sammantha and John Allen, each 23, admitted to locking the girl in a tiny footlocker after torturing her because she "stole" a Popsicle in the early morning of July 12. They left her there overnight and when they found her body the next morning she had suffocated. 

Putting Ame in the footlocker as punishment, sadly, was standard procedure for the abusive family, according to police.

Click here for the horrific details of the abuse Ame suffered at the hands of her own family.

Our source says David Deal was living in a tent in the backyard of the home with his two other children when Ame was murdered. According to court records obtained by New Times, he was not one of the three people who reported the abuse of the girl to police.

In fact, David Deal denies that he's even Ame's father, as does the rest of the family, according to court records.

Our source says Ame's mother dropped the girl off at the home of David Deal's mother (Ame's grandmother, who's charged with abusing the girl), 62-year-old Judith Deal, when she was living in Texas.

The family moved around a lot — to places like Pennsylvania, Utah, Texas, and Tucson — before setting in Phoenix.

Of seven children living in the Deal home, and eight other young relatives living just down the street — both homes near 35th Avenue and Broadway Road in Phoenix — Ame was the only one who was abused. The other children would even intentionally do things to get Ame in trouble, according to police.

When asked why the family would single out Ame, our source says "she was mentally a little slow, but that's it."

Our source never witnessed any abuse, but says Judith Deal is a "slob" and her house was always disgusting. At one point, while living in Wisconsin, Child Protective Services was called because of the disgusting conditions of the home. CPS was also called on the family when they lived Utah, court records show.

Judith Deal has always lived with her daughter — Ame's aunt, Cynthia Stolzmann, who's also charged with child abuse and kidnapping for torturing her niece — and is likely in jail "laying on her cot, or whatever, refusing to eat," our source says.

If Ame's father succeeds in bonding her out, she'll probably try to kill herself, as she's attempted suicide in the past.

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