Ame Deal's Friends Host "Popsicle Social" to Remember Murdered 10-Year-Old

Ame Deal was murdered last month by members of her own "family" because she "stole" a Popsicle — so it's only fitting that friends of the murdered 10-year-old remember her by hosting a memorial Popsicle social.

We were invited this morning via-Facebook to attend the Popsicle social — which will be going on all month — by a Pennsylvania man who claims he's the girl's real father.

Read more about Ame Deal's tragic murder here. Read more about Kenny Griest — and his struggle to prove he's Ame's father — here.

The event was started by a Washington woman, Pam Newcomer, who wants people to remember Ame by buying other kids a Popsicle.

"Sometime in August, when the ice cream man comes down the street, get a child a Popsicle in Ame's name or buy a box at the store and hand 'em out," Newcomer says. "If you are not able to buy a Popsicle in her name, please light a candle."

The four monsters who tortured and murdered Ame — her cousin and her husband John and Sammantha Allen, her aunt Cynthia Stolzmann, and her grandmother Judith Deal — won't be participating in the social. They're currently locked away in one of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's jails.

An MCSO official told New Times earlier this week that the the four probably aren't the most popular folks in lockup right now. He says they're likely being held in segregation — ya know, to keep other inmates from beating them without mercy. 

For more info on the Popsicle social, click here.

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