America's Most Wanted Fugitive Nabbed by Arizona-Based Task Force

The Arizona-based WANTED task force, a unit within the U.S. Marshal's Office working in collaboration with Mexican authorities, announced today that it's arrested one of Texas' most wanted fugitives.

Jose Luis Covarrubias, a 21-year-old U.S. citizen , was arrested on Wednesday in Mexicali, Mexico, after being featured on the Web site of the long-running crime show America's Most Wanted.

Covarrubias, police say, is responsible for the murder of a cab driver in Dallas, Texas, on April 19.

According to police, Covarrubias got into an argument with two men at a nightclub and when they left the club in a cab, he followed them in his car.

After following the men for a few blocks, Covarrubias allegedly pulled up next to the vehicle and used a shotgun to fire several shots into the cab.

The two men with whom Covarrubias had been arguing survived the attack, but the driver of the cab took a shotgun blast to the head and was killed.

After the shooting, authorities say Covarrubias fled to Mexico with his girlfriend and two children and was only found when officers in the U.S. Marshal's Office tracked him to the home of a relative in Mexicali.

Covarrubias was handed over to U.S. officials
in Calexico, California, where he awaits extradition back to Texas to face first-degree murder charges.

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