Ammandea Stoltzmann Arrested For Horrific Abuse of Ame Deal, 10-Year-Old Girl Murdered For Taking Popsicle

Ammandea Stoltzmann, a cousin of Ame Deal — the 10-year-old girl who died after her family members admittedly stuffed the girl in a footlocker for taking a Popsicle — has now become the fifth member of the family arrested for horrifically abusing the girl before her death.

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According to court documents obtained by New Times, Stoltzmann's arrest comes after she was called out by others who said they witnessed her hitting Ame, keeping her outside at night with a dog collar and chain, and keeping the girl in a dog crate while they lived in Texas.

While the family lived in Phoenix in the months leading up to Ame's death, police were told Stoltzmann, 24, scrubbed Ame's face with a wire brush because she lied, kicked her in the face, and forced "extremely hot" hot sauce into Ame's mouth.

Police say Stoltzmann initially denied she'd done anything to hurt Ame, but say she's now admitted most of the allegations are true — and much more.

First, Stoltzmann admitted to police she'd seen her mother/co-defendant, Cynthia Stoltzmann, toss Ame — who was "petrified" of water — into a cold swimming pool.

"Ame's arms were flailing while her head was under," court documents state. "When allowed up for air Aimee was coughing, choking, and crying. This happened on more than one occasion between March 2011 and June, 2011."

Then, police say Ammandea Stoltzmann admitted what she'd done to the girl.

She told police she started keeping Ame in a dog crate in 2005. She also made Ame crush aluminum cans while barefoot, and forced the girl to sleep in a pan meant for a shower floor.

Stoltzmann said she'd ruin Ame's meals by dousing it with hot sauce "so strong you couldn't bear to be close by or your eyes would burn and water."

Police say Stoltzmann also admitted Ame wasn't taken to school, and wasn't allowed to play with other children. Ame was also forced to stay home whenever the rest of the family left.

According to police, her statements corroborate prior statements made by her family/co-defendants.

Eventually, police say Stoltzmann admitted to watching John Allen lock Ame in the box that she died in on two other occasions.

The only things Stoltzmann denied were using the wire brush on Ame's face and kicking her in the face.

Stoltzmann admitted to the rest of the above-mentioned abuses and allegations made by her family, including other incidences of her hitting Ame with her hand or with a belt.

Stoltzmann was booked into the Maricopa County jail on three counts of felony child abuse, but has since been released.

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