An ASU Chandler Campus? What's Wrong With the Four Campuses ASU Already Has?

At a breakfast with the Chandler Chamber of Commerce this morning, Arizona State University President Michael Crow told members, "We want to be physically present in Chandler."

Remember a few months ago, when Crow was talking about having to shut down two of ASU's campuses as a result of cuts to ASU's budget.

Well, last year's tuition hike apparently kicked in, and coupled with other BS student expenses like parking passes that can cost up to $700, the bank appears to be back open and the "New American University" is looking to expand...again.

Crow has suggested to city officials in Chandler that if they provide the building, ASU would be happy to move in.

Crow says Chandler's emerging bio-tech industry would be the perfect environment for ASU's new Colleges@ASU, and he hopes to be in Chandler by 2011.

ASU already has campuses in Tempe, Phoenix, Glendale, and Mesa -- so what's one more.

Back in March, the New York Times cited ASU for basically spreading itself too thin in terms of its lofty goals and enormous enrollment figures. Now, ASU seems to be spreading itself too thin physically, as well.

Hey, at least those gridiron Sun Devils are consistent in their self-destruction.

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