The BBC's John Cleese welcomes Pat Curley on the show: "Now, Pat, what's up with all these 9/11 moon-howlers, old chum?"

And now for something completely different: ScrewLooseChange blogger Pat Curley on the BBC!

Bravo to PHX's own anti-moonbat blogger Pat "Give 'Em Hell" Curley of ScrewLooseChange, who was on The BBC's "The World Today" this afternoon (our time) opposite Loose Change twerps Dylan Avery, Jason Bermas, and Korey Rowe. Curley came off as the voice of reason, the man who was able to offer an explanation for why these screwballs have been able to buffalo so many Americans with their pernicious propaganda about 9/11 being an inside job. By comparison, the three "troofers" sounded arrogant, immature, and generally full of shit. You can listen here to the segment, though it's a tad hard to find. First open the BBC Radio Player at the top right. Then scroll down to The World Today 2300GMT, click on it, and the part about Loose Change is 2/3rds of the way into the show.

Producer Korey Rowe garners the "tell the big lie" award by repeating the troofer whopper that a Boeing 757 did not hit the Pentagon: This, despite the hundreds of witnesses who saw the American Airlines plane as it made a low-level approach, and the dozens who said as much to reporters. As quoted in Popular Mechanics' Debunking 9/11 Myths, one Pentagon police officer told Nightline that "It was close enough that I could see the windows and the blinds had been pulled down. I read American Airlines on it...I saw the aircraft above my head about 80 feet above the ground."

All but five of the 189 people who died on AA Flight 77 and at the Pentagon on 9/11 have been identified from DNA, and this includes the highjackers. The troofers say there was nothing left of the plane, but there was. The Popular Mechanics book has a photo of lawn debris, and in the foreground is a piece of Flight 77's fuselage.

This just in: 9/11 troofers are apparently full of smelly zebra dung...

I won't repeat everything Popular Mechanics says in rebuttal to the troofers on the issue of the size of the impact hole at the Pentagon. 9/11-deniers make much hay about the 90 foot gash on the building's exterior not matching the plane's 124-foot wingspan, but both wings were clipped before the airplane struck the Pentagon. And as Popular Mechanics states, "Much of the airliner was pulverized due to the combination of the plane's mass and velocity and the dense interior of the Pentagon." The book goes into more detail, and quotes engineers, eyewitnesses and others. "A jet doesn't punch a cartoonlike outline into a concrete building," it states at one point. Tell it to the troofers, who've evidently seen too many Bugs Bunny cartoons.

BTW, please note Kevin Barrett's riposte to my blog entry on him earlier in the day. Notice that he doesn't mention the Holocaust or World Zionism at all. Hmmm, wonder why? He does compare me to Sean Hannity, though, which is pretty funny, if not quite in the way the prof intended. And this, after I gave the poor prof his say? I thought I went a lil' soft on him actually. But Barrett's used to having his butt kissed by 19-year-old undergrads. (Lucky bastard!) So whenever someone doesn't pucker up to his wrinkled, white patootie, it must seem like that person's a real meanie to old Kev. Sounds like I may have traumatized the pampered academic. Next thing you know he'll be trying to "pull my chain" by denying the Holocaust. Oh, please, Kevin, please!

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