Andre Update: Dog Whose Eyes Were Gouged Out Finds New Home; Dog Torturer Still On the Loose

There's good news and bad news regarding Andre, a dog whose eyes were gouged out by some savage before he was stuffed in a bag and thrown into an empty lot in west Phoenix last month.

The good news: Andre has found a loving home and is adjusting to life without eyeballs.

The bad news: the monster who hurt him is still on the loose.

Click here for all the details of Andre's abuse.

We corresponded over the weekend with Dr. Deborah Wilson, a physician with Circle L Ranch Animal Rescue and Sanctuary who helped save Andre. She says she spoke with the man who found Andre and he provided her with some additional details about how the dog was discovered.

The man who found Andre was walking in the 10200 block of West Hess Street in Phoenix on January 6. He watched as a passing car slowed down and the occupant threw a bag out of the window. The man noticed that the bag was moving, and he found Andre inside -- with his eyes gouged out and with BBs embedded in his skin.

Andre was first taken to a Maricopa County Animal Care and Control center, where veterinary staff thought they'd probably have to euthanize the little guy because his injuries were so severe. However, when he was given some food by the staff, "he became remarkably perky, he dove right into a bowl of canned food and was happy as could be to have people making a fuss over him," Wilson says. The decision was then made to not put the poor dog down.

Andre was adopted earlier this month and has a new friend, Bucky (pictured above).

Wilson and others plan on distributing flyers in the neighborhood where Andre was found with the hopes of finding whoever tortured him. There's a $3,000 reward for anyone who helps bring this creep to justice.

Anyone with information about the person who hurt Andre is asked to call the Phoenix Police Department.

Click here for a link to Andre's Facebook page, which provides updates about his recovery and events to raise money for abused animals.

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