Andrew Aschenbrenner Stabs Man in the Chest at Glendale Park, Asks for Knife Back, Cops Say

Cat calling and whistling at passing girls at a Glendale park turned into a fight that led Andrew Aschenbrenner throwing a knife into another man, killing him, police say.

Glendale police arrested Aschenbrenner, 23, Thursday for second-degree murder, after Darrick Hendrix Jr., also 23, passed away at a Valley hospital from a stab wound to the left side of his chest.

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The fight started Wednesday just before midnight after one group, which included Hendrix, another man, and several women, walked through Sahuaro Ranch Park -- near 59th and Peoria avenues. According to court documents, a group of teenagers whistled and yelled at the girls, which led to an argument and a fight.

During the fight, Aschenbrenner's younger brother took a fist to the face and fell to the ground. He and three of his friends ran away and called the elder Aschenbrenner, asking for backup.

When the group returned, police say Aschenbrenner held a knife, threatening to fight Hendrix for picking on his little brother.

The two fought -- Aschenbrenner says Hendrix also had a knife, but no other witnesses back this up -- and after a few punches, kicks, and tussles, Hendrix fell to the ground bleeding. During this, police say Aschenbrenner's younger brother and the group of three other youngsters tackled Hednrix's friend Robert Newman, and started kicking him in the head.

No one at the scene says they saw the knife enter Hendrix's chest -- although one says he saw the hilt sticking out -- but when Hendrix fell to the ground the knife seemed to vanish. A girl in the group fell beside Hendrix and applied pressure to the bleeding wound.

Aschenbrenner walked away with another suspect, whose name police have not released because he's underage, and Aschenbrenner admitted to the underage suspect that he had thrown a knife into Hendrix's chest, according to the court documents. It was also at this time that Aschenbrenner decided he'd return to the victim and witnesses and ask if, if by chance, he might have his knife back, the documents say.

The knife, which was 7 or 8 inches long, was lodged so far in Hendrix's chest that it was only seen after Hendrix got an X-ray at the hospital.

Newman was treated at a Valley hospital and released. Three of the other suspects, including two juveniles, may be charged with aggravated assault. Police still haven't located the fourth suspect in the group, also a juvenile.

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