Andrew Thomas Jumps Out of Window When FBI Comes Calling, Um, in Tom Horne Cartoon

Funnier than a "That 70's Show" rerun? I'll let you be the judge

Sure, this YouTube cartoon of former Maricopa County Attorney Andy Thomas taking a dive out the window when the feds come-a-callin' is classic political propaganda from the camp of Thomas' deadly enemy and rival for the Republican state AG nod, state schools superintendent Tom Horne.

Still, the best political propaganda has an element of truth to it, and this also happens to be the funniest dang thing I've seen since Hot Tub Time Machine. Especially the part where Thomas' eyes bug out and he says, "Sue the judges...Gotta go."

Heh. It's almost as fun as watching the Horne-Thomas bloodfest, um, I mean, debate on Horizon the other night. This primary's turning out to be a hoot. Pass the Jordan Almonds and the gallon Coke. I'm in for the long haul.

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