Andrew Thomas Plans "Major Announcement" in 45 Days, Says Spinmeister Jason Rose

We can't tell you much more than what's in the headline.

Local PR whiz Jason Rose put an interesting, though cryptic, tweet on his Twitter account yesterday about one of his clients, Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas:

Major announcement from maricopa county andrew thomas quite possible in next 45 days.

After he posted that, another tweeter noted that just about anything is possible in the next 45 days, which is five days longer than most major events of the Bible. But we surmise this could be the big news hinted at in recent months: That Thomas will resign to run for either governor or state attorney general.

Arizona Republic reporter Yvonne Wingett, who also follows Rose on Twitter, contacted the "red-headed Rose" for a short article she posted on the Repub's political insider blog:

Rose is mum on the matter, "To be continued. I can't fault you for asking, but it says what it says, and something may happen that happens. The Lord works in mysterious ways."

We figured Thomas had put himself out of the running for the higher office, what with fellow Republican Jan Brewer becoming governor following Janet Napolitano's abandonment of the state. But who knows?

Blogger Greg Patterson, perhaps not coincidentally, published an article on Sunday saying he doesn't think Brewer will run for office next year. The Espresso Pundit says:

There's too much chatter about Ken Bennett and Mary Peters. A-Team lobbyists and consultants are making private calls backing alternative scenarios and they are doing so with impunity. The inner planets are not responding the way they would respond if Brewer was exerting the gravitational pull that one would expect an incumbent governor to exert.

Notice the glaring omission of Thomas' name?

Then again, the faceless dudes at Sonoran Alliance blog wrote back in December that "well-connected sources" claim Thomas will be running for AG. For all we know, the same person who wrote that is the one attacking AG candidate Tom Horne as being too liberal for a Republican, but it does seem like the AG race would be cushier for Thomas.

Or maybe the "major announcement" has nothing to do with Thomas running for another office. The guy's got four kids -- maybe his wife's pregnant again. That would certainly be major.

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