Andrew Thomas Wants to Soak State for $23.5 Million; Former Elected Official Already has $23.5 Million Claim Vs. County

Andrew Thomas, former Maricopa County Attorney, aspires to be one of the wealthiest ex-politicians in the United States, it would seem by his latest legal claim.

The Arizona Republic reports that Thomas has filed a $23.5 million claim against the state, on top of the $23.5 million claim he already filed against the county. The latter claim, as we reported a couple of weeks ago, is combined with $36.5 million in claims by fired deputy county attorney Lisa Aubuchon and Sheriff Joe Arpaio's chief deputy, David Hendershott, who's on administrative leave for alleged crimes and other mischief.

The Repub doesn't link to the document, but says Thomas is peeved at the investigation conducted against him by John Gleason, a lawyer appointed to the task by the state Supreme Court.

"Gleason's investigation and findings were intended to maliciously retaliate against Thomas for doing his job as county attorney and for treating members of the state judiciary and Board of Supervisors the same as he has treated all other citizens," the claim reportedly states.

Just another Thomas lie.

The facts show that Thomas ignored discrepancies in the campaign finance disclosure forms of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, yet charged County Supervisor Don Stapley with multiple felony charges for similar discrepancies.

Then, while accusing his political enemies of a criminal conspiracy, Thomas conspired with Hendershott and Aubuchon to charge a respected Superior Court judge with bribery. No investigation had been conducted, and charge wasn't supported by a single piece of evidence.

And now Thomas wants millions of dollars from taxpayers.

Don't worry -- the farce will end someday.

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