Andy Thomas and Company Continue to Get Eviscerated at Disciplinary Hearings

Testimony continues this morning at the Thomas/Aubuchon/Alexander disciplinary hearings at the Arizona Supreme Court in downtown Phoenix.

Lisa Aubuchon, a onetime top assistant to former Maricopa County Attorney, is expected to take the stand at the hearing in an attempt to save her legal skin.
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She and Thomas are facing possible disbarment. Alexander, whose brief stint as a deputy county attorney was notable mostly for what she didn't do, i.e. work on cases, is looking at a potential suspension.

if her past behavior is any indicator (her recent failed attempt to win back her job as a deputy county attorney), expect Aubuchon to be evasive, verbose, stubborn and, ultimately, pathetic as a witness.

Testifying yesterday were Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk and a law professor from New York. 

The latter said that a RICO lawsuit filed by Thomas' motley crew against the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and the county judiciary was so bad that he wouldn't have given it a passing grade had it been submitted to him as a class exercise.

More later on what transpires today.

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