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Andy Tobin Calls Black Democrat "Very Ghetto," an Idea So Great That He Plagiarized it

Here's something Arizona House Speaker Andy Tobin will learn today: when you're posting in a public forum on the Internet, everyone can see it.

Like this morning, when he called Democratic National Committee executive director Patrick Gaspard "very ghetto."

Gaspard drew the ire of many people who weren't happy with the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, as Gaspard posted to Twitter, "[I]t's constitutional. Bitches."

A subsequent "tweet" explained that he let the "excitement get the better of [him]."

Tobin, also posting to Twitter, pointed out that the "very ghetto" Gaspard had made this comment.

That led Arizona News Service editor Jim Small to ask Tobin exactly what he meant by saying Gaspard is "very ghetto."

Tobin replied that it was that ghetto language that he uses, and said it wasn't even his idea!

Some dude named Tom O'Halloran is the one who assigned the "very ghetto" label to Gaspard, and Tobin just copied and pasted it under his own name.

He's not racist! He's just a plagiarist!

Tobin's since deleted all the stuff related to that "very ghetto" Gaspard fellow, but did manage to leave his post declaring the health care law's individual mandate was found "UNCONSTITUTIONAL."

And this is the guy selected to lead the state House.

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