Anonymous Bloggers at Sonoran Alliance Take Heat From "Peers"


The steam keeps rising over at the Sonoran Alliance blog, the site of a tiff between conservatives that we told you about last week.

The underlying issue is a familiar one to readers of this blog: We've been on Sonoran Alliance's case for months for its bad habit of allowing anonymous authors to masquerade as journalists, and we were pleased to see blogonaut Greg Patterson take up our cause.

Here's a sample from Patterson's post:

Let me be clear that using a popular blog to attack someone anonymously is one of the lowest forms of cowardice.

We agree, though we've mentioned several other ways anonymous political blogs can be abused -- namely, that politicians are using them to produce inaccurate propaganda. As we've reported, one elected official -- Alice Lara of the Maricopa County Health Care District -- played along last year by letting herself by interviewed by one of SA's faceless cowboys. 

Scroll down for some of our previous coverage on the topic:

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 (Note -- Chewie has admitted the name "Chewie" is a pseudonym for several different authors).

Anonymous SA blog gets blowback by Republicans

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.