Another Cat Got Stuck On Another Pole Today

Another Cat Got Stuck On Another Pole Today

It happened again: A cat got stuck on a pole. And TV news crews showed up to livestream.

"It seems to be cat season out here," Annie DeGraw, an APS spokesperson, told the assembled camera crews. "There's been cats on poles all over."

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This time, the cat — a different one than last time — climbed up a light pole at 30th Street and Van Buren. APS crews showed up with a cherry-picker and pried the cat off the pole. The cat did not seem happy about it, and meowed a lot before running off into a dirt lot.

Another Cat Got Stuck On Another Pole TodayEXPAND

You can watch Tucson Now's feed here, ABC15's here, and AZFamily's here. For best results, open all three at once and watch the rescue from a variety of angles. And have fun getting no work done for the rest of the afternoon.

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