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Another neo-Nazi in the nativist woodpile: "Scott Hume," alias "Shawn Hughes."

****PLEASE NOTE: Since I posted this item last night, some of the pages linked to below have been taken down. I anticipated this possibility, and so have screen shots of everything. Next week, I'll see about posting some of these to back up what was linked to in the first place.****

Back in December, at the forum on Operations Order 1.4.3 at South Mountain High School, this minuteman named Tom rose to address the mostly Hispanic crowd, and told 'em that despite what they may assume about nativists, he was neither KKK, nor a neo-Nazi. While that may be true, there are, nonetheless, scads of neo-Nazis and Klan-types in the nativist woodpile. Many of these continue to show their faces at various nativist demos.

Camera-shy neo-Nazis. Go figure.

One neo-Nazi who's made the scene at the Pruitt's protests is "Shawn Hughes," who bears an uncanny resemblance to a dood named Scott Hume. Hume has a site called Scott's Super Site which just happens to use the same e-mail, "[email protected]" that "shawnaz" uses when posting on the message board for Stormfront.org, a rabid white supremacist site, where he describes himself as being the "acting unit leader of NSM-PHX." That would be the Phoenix chapter of the National Socialist Movement, which holds regular BBQs in the area, like at Papago Park. One such event was recently documented in a write-up on the national NSM site; it noted that a "free prize raffle," was "`commedically conducted' by Shawn Hughes, who coordinated and MC'd the event."

Interestingly, the Jewish News of Greater Phoenix reported on just such a neo-Nazi BBQ, in its November 23 issue, with an item titled "Neo-Nazi groups seek recruits in Arizona." Below is a shot of Scott/Shawn from a supremacist grill fest:

Hume lists "Shawn" as his nickname, and in fact "azshawnh" for a long time had a page on Newsaxon.org , an online community "for whites, by whites." Recently, azshawnh took his NewSaxon site down. Thankfully, he had been unwise enough to put his photo on it.

As you can see from clicking on this screen shot, his "turn-offs" include, --Blacks (rap music, the way they talk)

--Mexicans (the way they natter about in Spanish and consciously not wanting to fit in)

--Jews (their bombastic ways of generally being greedy and annoying)

Now, now, George Lincoln Rockwell wouldn't hide that way...

AZshawnh, demonstrating the neo-Nazi Heisman.

Anyhoo, his pictures up on Scott's Super Site, his MySpace, and on his Yahoo profile, all match the person I recognized at a recent Pruitt's protest. I tried to take his photo as I asked him questions, but he kept putting either his hand or his video camera in front of his face.

He responded to the name Scott Hume, and I expressed an interest in his NewSaxon page and asked, "You're AZShawnh aren't you?"

He replied, "I didn't say that."

Shawn/Scott then proceeded to scurry away from me, and I followed him, taking pics. As he was moving, Anna Gaines of the anti-immigrant group You Don't Speak for Me came over and hid Scott's face behind her placard. Since she's Hispanic, I asked her, "Do you know you're shielding a neo-Nazi?"

To which she snarled, "I don't speak to you, Bird." Maybe she didn't know who he was...

Of course, she won't have that excuse this Saturday should Shawn/Scott show as he's promised he will in a post he put up recently on an Odinist Yahoo group he moderates called "The Sacred Order": First of all, because of this group's controversialness and poplularity, we are in the process of terminating memberships which have not even any 'psuedo' information. Also, members having no profile whatsoever will likewise be terminated by the end of the week.

Why, well, some of our friends have had to endure ournalistic [sic] 'outings.' So, while we do not want to turn anyone away, if you are the least bit suspicious or annoying, you will be turned away.

However, we would not turn you away form joining us next Saturday, when Hans, myself and whomever else will attend the weekly pro-LEGAL immigration protests.

This coming weekend will be especially important (and potentially dangerous), as the new immigration/ hiring law goes into effect.

I don't want to unncessarilly scare anyone, but spics have already been 'locking and loading!'

I'm gonna be there, potentially risking my life, and although I cannot ask any of you to join us in potentially risking your life, too...feel free to join us at Pruitt's or elsewhere in the Valley this Saturday if you want!

More information as it is available!



"...spics have already been 'locking and loading'?" Uh, the PHX po-po need to keep an eye peeled for this one. BTW, the Arizona Republic is reporting a truce has been reached between Salvador Reza and Pruitt's owner Roger Sensing. As a result, Reza's called off his group's protests, but I would not be surprised if the nativists show up anyway!

From Scott's Super Site, you were able until recently to check out his MySpace page, his Yahoo account, and a picture of him hoisting a brew on the Hot or Not Web site (below). I'm guessing a lot of his online info will come down or be changed after this is posted. Doesn't matter, I've got plenty of copies and screensaves.

Mmmm, beer...

As mentioned, this wacky white power dood posts A LOT on the popular white supremacist site Stormfront.org under the handle shawnaz, with a pic of what seems to be a Dallas Cowboys tattoo, with a 14/88 skull logo beneath it. (His?) His posts range the gamut from neo-Nazi David Lane quotations and links to the NSM write up of his BBQ in Papago Park to calling Elias Bermudez, "A 'Jewish' Pro-Immigration Spic in AZ" and reprinting anti-immigrant screeds from Arizona Republic columnist Robert Robb. Oh, he's also a big supporter of Ron Paul. Surprise, surprise.

He's not without a certain twisted sense of humor. Check this David Letterman-like Top Ten list (er, if Letterman were in the Klan, I guess):

Top Ten Reasons Why You'll Want To Be At The Pruitt's Protest Next Week Posted by: "shawnazphx" [email protected] shawnazphx Sat Nov 24, 2007 5:05 pm (PST) 10) Some legal passing Spics will actually give you an encouraging 'thumbs up' approval. 9) Dumbass Spics will drive by SEVERAL times, only to be insulted BEYOND THEIR COMPREHENSION. 8) You'll get an inspiring ideas for your future tattoos by seeing most of Rembrandt's current tattoos. 7) You can pick up anti-Reconquista fliers or NSM introductory cards from Shawn. 6) Elton will again ARTICULATELY taunt passing Hispanic drivers. 5) Home Depot (another past picketting target) is just a block away. 4) No Jews! (Remember, Home Depot is nearby, and Jews DON'T do home improvement!) 3) You can laugh at Shawn being hardly awake the day after a payday and at least a 'few' beverages. 2) You can help save the White race by bringing legitimate and incisive consideration on illegal border crossings. And, the final reason why you'll want to do the Pruitt's protest next Saturday: 1) Who isn't proud to protest in public WITH POLICE AND SHERIFF'S PROTECTION that 'They are a White-person, and others are NOT?!'


Gee, Scott, all I wanted to do was chat...

Hey, this guy Shawn/Scott can espouse whatever he wants, under whatever alias he desires. I'm just pointing out that the various nativist demos continue to draw far-right extremists, neo-Nazis and skinheads. The nativists first tell you there are none in their ranks. Then they argue that there's just one, maybe two. Finally, once you prove to them that there are several, they argue that it doesn't matter.

I say it does matter. The link between many (though not all) nativists and the neo-Nazis is that they are down on the brown. The challenge for the nativists is to separate themselves from these elements. If they welcome or hide them, then they only prove my point -- that they have far more in common with these assholes than they'd like to admit.

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