Another Phoenix Cop Under Arrest: Officer Allegedly Choked Girlfriend and Punched Arresting Officer in Face

This morning, when we announced our new, ongoing series about Valley cops with anger issues, we had no idea we'd be getting a new edition to the series so soon.

The latest Valley cop arrested for an anger-related crime is brought to you by the Phoenix Police Department, which recently had another officer arrested after he fatally shot an unarmed domestic violence suspect -- and his dog -- for no apparent reason.

According to the PPD, 29-year-old Sutton Wohlman, a three-year veteran at the department's Squaw Peak Precinct, was arrested last night after he allegedly choked his live-in girlfriend and punched the arresting officer in the face.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Wohlman and his girlfriend returned home last night after a night of drinking.

Once they got to the house, the girlfriend went inside while Wohlman remained in the car as it sat in the garage.

Wohlman was apparently drunk to the point of throwing up, so the girlfriend went back to the car to get him to come inside -- so he wouldn't puke all over the car.

Wohlman ignored the woman until she grabbed his arm. That's when things took a turn for the worse.

After the woman tugged at his arm, Wohlman got out of the car and threw her to the ground, where he choked her for what witnesses say was several minutes.

The girlfriend screamed, attracting the attention of a witness, who came to help.

The witness told police that at one point, Wohlman raised his arm as if to hit the woman. He then called police.

Wohlman eventually let the woman go and took a seat on the floor of the garage, where he was waiting when the police arrived.

When the first officer on the scene tried to take Wohlman into custody it didn't go well.

The officer had Wohlman stand up, which he did. But when the officer tried to put cuffs on him, Wohlman turned and punched the officer in the face.

The two began to fight until the arresting officer was finally able to place Wohlman in handcuffs.

The arresting officer didn't want to nail Wohlman for punching him, but he did make sure that resisting arrest was among the charges for which he was arrested.

Wohlman's been charged with assault with intent to injure and resisting arrest. He is scheduled to be in court on October 25.

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