Anti-Joe Arpaio Facebook Group Hits 50,000 Members in Less Than Three Months

A Facebook group dedicated to putting an end to Sheriff Joe Arpaio's reign over Maricopa County hit its latest milestone today -- the group's membership has now hit 50,000 people in just under three months.

We've been following the progress of the group People Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio since it was formed about three months ago, and it seems that the more Arpaio rattles his brown-bashing sabers, the more popular the group becomes.

Last month, after only two months of existence, the group had attracted 25,000 members. Now, only a month later, the group has attracted another 25,000 in less than half the time.

"I think the passing of SB1070 has been one of the worst things for Arpaio, and one of the best for us," says Devin Fleenor, the groups founder. "It has agitated Arizona's Hispanic community and mobilized concerned citizens everywhere. If the law actually goes into effect, Arpaio is sure to take the brunt of the bad press -- I think we'll see thousands of cases of civil disobedience, and the nation will be watching.

The group isn't just a geeky, on-line club for those who don't like the sheriff, its work extends from the realm of cyber-space into the real world.

Aside from organizing protestors for countless marches that have been held in Arizona recently, and spreading awareness of various civil rights issues, Fleenor is planning an anti-Arpaio concert at a First Friday later this year and is in the process of having an anti-Joe mural painted at 3rd Street and Garfield.

"I have no idea how many members we'll have by November 2012, but it will be a hell of a lot," Fleenor says. "Arpaio will have to combat a mobilized viral army in the coming election. We'll be ready. Will he?"

For more info on the group, or to become a member, click here.

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