Anti-SB 1070 Art Show at Bragg's Pie Factory

Now this is the sort of art show I can get with: an exhibit of anti-SB 1070-themed work, drawn in part from the big May 29 march to the state Capitol, which drew tens of thousands in defiance of Arizona's "papers, please" legislation.

You can get all the details from the press release calling for exhibition items below. The show, called "FootPrints," will open at the Phoenix gallery Bragg's Pie Factory beginning August 6. Those interested in contributing should check out calaca.org, e-mail info@calaca.com, or call 480-557-7195.

In the meanwhile, I offer here a few examples of some of the cool poster art that came out of the massive May 29 demonstration. Enjoy.

When: August 6th through September 17th, 2010 

Special Opening: First Friday August 6th Time: 6pm to 11pm 
*Other Opening Dates: Third Friday August 20th, First Friday September 3rd and Third Friday 
September 17th. 
Location: Bragg's Pie Factory, 1301 NW Grand Avenue, Phoenix, AZ

Featuring: printmakers, visual artists, photographers, video and audio recordings, public art installation "Border Justice Wall", actual posters used for the May 29th march, DJ, Music and more...

Call for Exhibition items: We send a call for original posters used during the SB1070 marches and protests, videos, audio recordings, art, and artifacts used for this purpose. These items can be  donated to Calaca for future exhibitions or loan for the duration of this exhibition. For questions, donations, or loans please contact us before July 15th, 2010.

Exhibition Theme SB1070: current border laws and policies have intensified a national debate and apparent division about immigration issues. The new Arizona law SB1070, makes it a state crime to be in the country illegally and requires law enforcement to question an individual's legal status if an officer has reasonable suspicion that the person may be in the country without documentation. Another law SB2281 prohibits schools from offering courses at any grade level that advocate ethnic solidarity, promote overthrow of the US government, or cater to specific ethnic groups, and which regulations will eventually dismantle the state's popular Mexican-American studies programs. Arizona laws without a doubt, has only intensified divisions between the states' population. Through art and collective participation from artists, organizations, businesses, activists, community members and others, a multimedia exhibition titled "FootPrints - SB1070" has been put together as a way to bring this discussion to the forefront of communities and the enactors' of such policies.

About "FootPrints": First developed in 2008 as part of continuing Calaca Community Gallery Series. From its initial development, FootPrints was designed specifically as a Traveling Exhibition Series that would open alternative thematic presentations to the public. Each specific exhibition theme is showcased separately as a unique way to present a diversity of historical and contemporary issues related to Latino arts and culture. The overall exhibition may include different presentations of art, video, audio, theatre, and performance on its exhibits or openings. Each exhibition theme will be different and unique, facilitating public interaction, partnerships, collaborations, and artistic participation among different sectors of the community.

Sponsors and Exhibit Partners: Bragg's Pie Factory (gallery space), Mexica Movement, Zopilote E-News, El Quinto Sol and others.

For more information call 480-557-7195, email info@calaca.com, or check our web site www.calaca.org.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.