Antoin Thurman, Retired Pimp, Survives Being Shot by as Many as Four Cops

Glendale resident Antoin Thurman -- a man who once made an educational video describing his prostitute-management skills (more on that later) -- was booked into jail Friday night after surviving gunshots from as many as four police officers.

Thurman, 26, was allegedly in a domestic-violence situation with a woman on April 1, and took off running before police arrived.

Police spotted Thurman running near 47th Avenue and Bethany Home Road, and ran after him -- until police say Thurman turned around and pointed a gun at them.

Four Glendale police officers responded to that gesture by shooting at Thurman, and at least one of those bullets landed him in critical condition at the hospital.

Thurman was cleared by the hospital late Friday, and was taken straight to jail.

Aside from the warrant that was already out for his arrest, Thurman was booked into jail on five counts of aggravated assault on a cop, one count of the domestic-violence version of aggravated assault, one more aggravated assault charge against an unidentified victim, two counts of threatening, and one count of misconduct involving weapons.

According to court records, Thurman may be familiar with how this process works -- there are 28 entries under his name prior to this incident, for reasons ranging from traffic tickets to managing prostitutes.

In 2006, while Thurman was in prison, a judge decided to film Thurman explaining how to be a pimp -- for educational purposes.

Thurman described his most efficient techniques for turning teenage runaways into prostitutes, which consisted mostly of buying things for the girls.

That led to Thurman being treated as a practiced, professional pimp, as his pimping expertise was utilized in publications like the New York Times, the Atlantic, and the Arizona Republic.

The Republic's 2006 piece says about 1,500 copies of Thurman's educational video were distributed to various places, including schools.

Since that video was released and Thurman retired from pimping, he's moved on to other ventures -- at least according to his court records -- that include possessing marijuana, engaging in misconduct with weapons, being an absolutely awful driver on multiple occasions, and most recently, allegedly assaulting a woman before being shot at by four police officers.

No video explanations exist thus far from any of those, uh, disciplines.

All four of the Glendale cops who opened fire on Thurman are back at work after standard administrative leave, police say.

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