Ignignokt and Err flip Phoenix the bird at the Lost Leaf gallery...

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Mooninites Attack PHX!

The highlight of my First Friday artwalk last week was not scopin' all the drunken art babes, but checking out Ignignokt and Err, those Mooninite characters from Adult Swim's Aqua Teen Hunger Force , whom I found hanging out at Eric Dahl's Lost Leaf gallery on 5th Street near Roosevelt. According to Dahl, these are actual promo units like the ones that caused the big scare in Boston, where that city had to close down the friggin' Charles River because some of them were on bridges and whatnot. You'll recall that the authorities reacted like it was a terrorism scare, even though the devices had been up for a couple of weeks before anyone noticed them. Dahl, who's a drummer in the PHX band Sonorous, explained that the battery-powered circuit boards have a light sensor on them that waits until it's dark enough before they light up, then goes off when it's light again. He says he paid about a thousand bucks a piece for them, a little more for one, a little less for the other.

"I'm a big fan of the show," Eric told me. "And I'm an art collector. So I know the pop culture value of something like this."

If you're an Aqua Teen Hunger Force fan, you'll have to wait till the next First Friday to gaze upon the glorious Mooninites, because that's the only time the gallery's open. And if you're interested in making Eric an offer, he ain't sellin'. Well, not for the moment anyway.

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