Argument at Phoenix Apartment Complex Leads to Murder; Suspect Still Loose

An argument at a Phoenix apartment complex turned deadly this morning when one of the men involved pulled out a gun and shot the 20-year-old victim.

Just after midnight today, Arlandis West was standing with some friends in front of an apartment building at 6805 North 27th Avenue.

He got in an argument with a man who ended the conversation by shooting and killing West.

Phoenix police Sergeant Steve Martos tells New Times it seems West and the suspect knew each other and the suspect may be a resident of the apartment complex at which the shooting occurred. 

Martos wouldn't say what the argument was over but says it was likely an old beef between the two men.

Martos says they have a pretty good idea as to who the suspect is and police are in the process of trying to locate him.

Cops aren't identifying the suspect but he's described as a Hispanic male in his late 20's.

Anyone with information about the shooting is encouraged to call Silent Witness at 480 WITNESS (480.948.6377) or the Phoenix Police Department's Violent Crimes Bureau at 602.262.6141.

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