Arizona Capitol Times' Readers Give Best-Elected-Official Nods to Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and Mesa Mayor Scott Smith

Capitol Times' readers picked Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton as Best Democratic Elected Official and Mesa Mayor Scott Smith as the Best Republican Elected Official.

Great news for those guys, but even better for us is this video cooked up by the Cap Times and this bi-partisan duo -- complete with what appears to be the pair dancing, shooting hoops with the Phoenix Suns Gorilla and highlighting hot spots in their respective cities.

It is pretty dang funny.

Watch the video after the jump.

From the Capitol Times:

Two big city mayors who emerged as the Arizona Capitol Times' best elected official of their respective political parties are being touted for a bigger prize, but not necessarily in 2014.

The Best Republican Elected Official is Mesa Mayor Scott Smith, 56, a businessman who is beginning his second four-year term leading the state's third-largest city.

The Best Democratic Elected Official is Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, 42, a former Phoenix City Council member and one-time assistant U.S. attorney, who is barely into his first four-year term as head of the state's largest city and the sixth-largest in the nation.

Though Stanton and Smith ran for mayor without party labels, their political roots are well known. Both are mentioned as rising stars in their political party, a reputation they don't necessarily shun. And both, when asked about seeking higher political office, perhaps governor, in the future, don't close the door.

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Monica Alonzo
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