Arizona Cardinals Back to John Skelton at Quarterback, Ignore Call for Open Tryout

The Arizona Cardinals announced today that John Skelton will be the starting quarterback this weekend against the Seattle Seahawks, ignoring the just-as-bad option of holding an open tryout for the position.

Skelton's replacing rookie Ryan Lindley, who replaced Skelton, who replaced the injured Kevin Kolb, who replaced Skelton, who was the starting quarterback until he got injured in the first game.

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In Skelton's most recent performance as the Cardinals' starter, he completed two passes in seven attempts a few weeks ago against the Atlanta Falcons, for a grand total of 6 passing yards -- an average of 0.86 yards per completion. He was pulled from that game in favor of Lindley.

Skelton has thrown passes in six games this year, and the Cardinals lost five of those game. In the other game -- the season opener against the Seahawks -- Skelton went down with an injury, and Kolb threw the game-winning TD pass.

In Lindley's first career start, he completed almost 60 percent of his pass attempts, but threw four interceptions -- two of which were returned for touchdowns -- in a loss to the St. Louis Rams. In his second start, in Sunday's loss against the New York Jets, Lindley completed a little more than 30 percent of his passes, and threw one interception. He threw zero touchdowns in 103 pass attempts.

Between those stats, and the fact that the Cardinals have lost eight games in a row, we suggested that an open tryout amongst regular schmos from the Phoenix area would be the best way to select the Cardinals' new starting quarterback.

Despite the fact that more than 80 percent of New Times readers thought this was a good idea, the Cardinals are going back to Skelton.

The suck-fest continues Sunday against the Seahawks in Seattle, at 2:25 p.m.

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