Arizona Cardinals Back to Ryan Lindley at Quarterback Because Who Gives a Damn

The Arizona Cardinals will be rolling with rookie quarterback Ryan Lindley this week against the Detroit Lions, because, really, who gives a shit at this point?

It's not as if it actually matters who's chucking up the footballs for the Cards, but the spectacle at the quarterback position has been the most interesting thing about Arizona's season, by far.

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Here's our quick and dirty timeline of said spectacle:

  • August 31: John Skelton named the starting quarterback.

  • Week 1: Skelton gets injured in the fourth quarter, and Kevin Kolb throws the game-winning TD pass.

  • Weeks 2-5: Kolb wins three of four games as the starting quarterback.

  • Week 6: Skelton's back from injury, but Kolb starts. Kolb gets injured late in the fourth quarter, and Skelton comes in the game. Skelton sets up the game-winning field goal for the Bills in overtime, thanks to an interception.

  • Weeks 7-9: Skelton leads Cardinals to four straight losses.

  • Week 10: Bye

  • Week 11: Skelton completes two of seven pass attempts for 6 yards. Rookie Ryan Lindley replaces Skelton, and sucks slightly less than Skelton in a loss to the Atlanta Falcons. New Times begins call for open tryouts at quarterback position.

  • Week 12-13: Lindley replaces Skelton as starter, throws two TD passes to a St. Louis Rams cornerback, then completes almost one-third of his pass attempts in next week's loss to New York Jets.

  • Week 14: Skelton replaces Lindley as the starting quarterback, and sucks. Lindley replaces Skelton in the third quarter, and sucks just as much.

  • Week 15: Lindley named starting quarterback, replacing Skelton once again. Kolb goes on injured reserve, and Cardinals sign Brian Hoyer. Results TBD.

Now that the Cardinals are back with Lindley, let's take a look at how he's done so far. Out of all the NFL players who have thrown at least one complete pass this season, Lindley's completion percentage ranks 61st. Only 65 players in the NFL have completed a pass this season. He also ranks 61st in yards per completion.

He has thrown zero touchdown passes in his four appearances, but has managed to throw more interceptions than Tom Brady and Robert Griffin III have thrown all season.

It's sad that we even thought to look this up, but Derek Anderson was better than Lindley is doing in just about every passing statistic we could find. Anderson's sack percentage was higher by one-tenth of one percent, if that's any consolation.

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About 55 percent of readers who voted in our poll this week thought it would be possible for the Cardinals to suck more than they did in the 58-0 loss to the Seahawks this weekend. Now that's up to Lindley, at least, for this week.

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