Arizona Cardinals Fall to Eli Manning and the New York Football Giants

With the Arizona Cardinals ahead by four points with about four minutes remaining in their 31-27 loss to the New York Giants yesterday, we said to a friend "and now Eli Manning's gonna march the G-men down the field and win this game.

Then Eli Manning marched his team down the field and won the game.

The Cardinals didn't play horrible in yesterday's loss -- they had some big runs and scored points. But the problem with the Cards yesterday was their ability to convert on third down.

In 12 tries, the Cardinals could only convert three times on third down, including several failed attempts with only one yard away from a first down.

Quarterback Kevin Kolb threw for 237 yards in the loss, and was intercepted once for a QB rating of 67.9.

Running back Beanie Wells had a decent game, breaking free for 138 yards and each of the team's three touchdowns.

Both Kolb and Wells each fumbled once.

The Cards' defense couldn't stop Manning in the air, though, and gave up some big gains late in the game.

Eli threw for 338 yards yesterday, and wasn't intercepted once.

The good news for the defense yesterday was that it was able to hold the New York run game to 54 yards -- Amad Bradshaw only picked up 34 yards, while Brandon Jacobs only had 18.

The Cards are now 1-3, earning them third place in the NFC West.

The team heads to Minnesota next week to face the Vikings. Click here for more info.

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