Arizona Cardinals Look to Snap Four-Game Losing Streak During Trip to Kansas City

As much as Arizona Cardinals fans probably want this football season to be over, sadly, it's not. The next stop on the Cards' shame-train is in Kansas City, where they will play the Chiefs on Sunday.

The Chiefs are going through a bit of a rough patch. They've suffered back-to-back losses to divisional opponents and recently saw their lone position at the top of the AFC West standings disappear after getting blown out by the Denver Broncos last week.

So that's the good news for Cardinals fans. The bad news, as usual, is that the Cardinals are still the Cardinals.

The music has finally stopped in the game of musical chairs that is the Cardinals' quarterback situation, and Derek Anderson appears to have won.

Anderson has been horrible all season, with the exception of last week when the Cards got crushed by the Seattle Seahawks to fall further down the ladder in the NFC West standings.

To say Anderson wasn't horrible is about as far as we'll go, though -- he was only bad, not horrible.

He completed passes but many still missed their mark, which means receivers are forced to break stride to catch the ball, costing the team valuable yards on third down.

The Cards' defense was a laughing stock last week against the Seahawks, which is somewhat uncharacteristic. For the most part, the Cards' defense has been below average -- not embarrassing -- this season, but last Sunday has overshadowed any accomplishments, as the D is now ranked the third worst in the NFL.

The Seahawks offense netted 490 total yards last week, 333 of which were in the air. So it's probably pretty clear to the Chiefs where the Cards are most vulnerable.

Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel is good, not great. But he's accurate and makes good decisions, which is more than we can say about the Cards' QB. He could spell trouble if Adrian Wilson and Co. play the way they did last week.

The Chiefs and Cards rarely face each other -- it only happens every four years. The Chiefs took home the W the last two times the team's met, including a 49-0 blowout in 2002.

Kickoff is at 11 a.m. For more info click here.

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