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Arizona Cardinals Pitiful as Usual in Loss to St. Louis Rams

Following yesterday's 19-6 loss to the St. Louis Rams, every game for the remainder of the Arizona Cardinals' dismal season should be seen as nothing more than practice for next year.

In other words, bye-bye Derek Anderson.

Anderson, as usual, was awful in the loss -- which led to another game of musical quarterbacks for coach Ken Whisenhunt after he pulled Anderson and replaced him with back up QB Max Hall. Hall managed a few worthless plays before injuring his shoulder and being replaced by third-stringer John Skelton.

And the crowd went nuts.

When it was announced earlier this week that Anderson would be making the start against the Rams -- after his terrible showing last week (and all season) and the media tirade that followed -- fans were pissed.

Anderson didn't disappoint. After two, early, fairly successful drives resulting in field goals, Anderson and the Cards were almost completely unable to convert on crucial third downs.

In total, the Cards could only convert on one of 11 third downs.

After two failures to covert on third down in a row, Whisenhunt pulled Anderson in exchange for Hall, who was no better.

In Hall's five plays, he was sacked three times, intercepted once, and injured his shoulder.

Skelton -- the last hope for the Cards at the QB spot -- was called in and provided the only excitement of the entire game.

Skelton's not exactly the second coming of Kurt Warner, or anything, but he moved the ball down the field and hit his receivers.

He completed three of six passes for 45 yards and no interceptions.

Arizona Republic sports columnist Dan Bickley seems to agree with us when it comes to bailing on Anderson and getting ready for next year. Check out his column this morning entitled "After Another Lifeless Loss, Arizona Cardinals Must Turn to the Future" here. Let's hope Ken Whisenhunt reads it, too.

In the Cards' upcoming practice for next year, the team will host the Denver Broncos on Sunday. For more info on the Cardinals click here.

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