Arizona Cardinals' Quarterback Dilemma Remains Following Loss to Seahawks

Arizona Cardinals rookie quarterback Max Hall went undrafted in the 2010 NFL draft, and we saw why during the Cards' 22-10 loss to the Seahawks yesterday in Seattle.

Hall was atrocious.

Going 4 for 16, with an interception and no touchdowns, Hall deserved the 13.5 passer rating he earned for the game.

"I am obviously disappointed in how I played," Hall said after the game. "But you have to give credit to them. They played well."

Hall missed open receivers and under-threw the ball fairly consistently, which are some of the same reasons once-starting-quarterback Derek Anderson was ridin' the pine the last two games. 

Like Anderson before him, Hall gave fans a painful reminder that Kurt Warner is gone and he's not coming back. He also reminded fans that because Warner retired, the quarterback situation in the desert is dire.

Hall was banged up in the third quarter after a huge sack by Seahawks' defensive end Chris Clemons. It was a welcome blow for Cards fans.

Hall was taken out of the game and replaced by Anderson, who actually looked pretty good...briefly.

Anderson orchestrated a quick touchdown drive to put the Cards within 12 points of the Seahawks. The rest of the drives led by Anderson were less impressive.

Following the touchdown drive, Anderson -- a one-time pro-bowler -- just couldn't get the ball in the end zone. 

Anderson struggled with all the same things that found him holding the clipboard two weeks ago -- not seeing open receivers and missing Larry Fitzgerald consistently.

Between the two of them, Hall and Anderson threw to Fitzgerald a total of 30 times. He only caught the ball three times for 30 yards because many of the balls thrown to him were off target.

Hall's awful performance again raises the question that has plagued the Cards all season: who will be the team's starting quarterback?

Coach Ken Whisenhunt sounds like he's sticking with the rookie, despite the dreadful performance.

"Let's be frank," Whisenhunt said after the game. "You understand that with a young quarterback in this type of environment, you're going to have to grow and learn with some of those things. And we understood that."

Our guess is Hall gets one more shot to "grow and learn" before Anderson's back in action. That shot will come next week when the Cards host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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