Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Rumor of the Day -- Carson Palmer: Yay or Nay?

The streak of almost-credible rumors involving a quarterback and the Arizona Cardinals somehow manages to continue.

The term "almost-credible" should be used very loosely in this context, as NBC Sports' is associating the name Carson Palmer with the Cardinals.

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We're not sure how this can possibly even be a rumor, but we're not the arbiters of that.

"But who will they target?" editor Mike Florio asks. "While it wouldn't take much to upgrade their depth chart, the Cardinals don't have many options in free agency. Drew Stanton? Jason Campbell? Brady Quinn? David Carr?

"Yes, the options are limited," Florio continues. "Unless, of course, the Raiders cut Carson Palmer. There's speculation in league circles that the Cardinals are waiting for that to happen."

Through six New Times reader polls, our readers like drafting Geno Smith the most (58 percent), with the second-best option being sticking with Kevin Kolb (54 percent).
So, despite the fact that Palmer and the Raiders won a total of four games last season, would you want Palmer as the Cardinals quarterback?

Cast your vote below:

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