Arizona Cardinals Sign First-Round Draft Pick Dan Williams

The Arizona Cardinals reached an agreement with their first-round draft pick.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, defensive tackle Dan Williams signed a five-year deal earlier this morning.

Williams, the 26th overall pick of the 2010 draft, is expected to finalize the deal today and be in camp this afternoon.

The signing of Williams is critical, as he is undoubtedly the future up the middle on defense for Arizona.

Weighing 327 pounds and standing 6-3, Williams was a force in the trenches at Tennessee.

While Bryan Robinson, the starter at nose tackle over the past few years, is a steady and dependable player, it's Williams who is clearly the future.

Robinson is in his 14th season and will probably call it quits soon, paving the way for Williams. By getting his rookie contract signed and finalized, Williams will have more time to learn and develop in camp.

If he performs well, he could take over the starting spot sooner rather than later.

With the signing of Williams, the Cards now have all of their players in camp and practicing. Let another run to the postseason begin now.

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